• Nutritional assessment – analysis of your dietary history

• Anthropometry assessment - which includes height, weight, and waist circumference

I have a M-Nutrition degree (University of Stellenbosch). My thesis focussed on Fertility nutrition, Polyunsaturated fatty acids in individuals with PCOS. My main subjects were Sports Nutrition, Nutrition in cancer and Food allergies.

I gained experience locally in hospitals and private practice, as well as internationally in various hospitals and primary care. I've done many educational sessions locally as well as internationally in topics such as:


• Healthy Eating

• Paediatric nutrition
• Autism and Developmental disorders

• Fertility

• Sports nutrition etc.

Integrative medicine
Basic sports nutrition
Advance course in paediatrics
How to motivate clients
University of Stellenbosch
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Golding Institute
University of the Northwest, South Africa
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
SDS Seminars, London
I am a member of the following associations:
  • HPCSA - Health Profession Council of South Africa
  • ADSA - Association for Dietitians in South Africa
  • ASA - Autism South Africa
  • SASMA – South African sport and medicine association
  • Discovery Vitality
  • DNAlysis
  • Geneway
  • 3 X 4 Genetic